Wednesday, January 12, 2011


hey everyone. this past tuesday there was a meeting at cranky yellow to talk about booking shows in st. louis in general. there will be a series of these types of meetings, so that we (thoes interested in booking shows and general entertainment) can meet eachother, see what everyone is doing, bounce ideas off of eachother, and just hang out. the focus is on diy spaces. this is an attempt to coordinate shows more effectively. a few of us brought up in this meeting that a "good" scene can't be forced but rather it is somthing that happens naturally when we all feel connected to eachother and trust eachother enough to act collectively. and when we have that power, we can respond to anything... and put on some killer shows. one example that was brought up was the scene here in 2005. why was it booming then? one big reason could be because people were connected by the anti-war movement. the same people who went to protests were also in bands singing about it. they were connected by an idea. so anyway there will be another meeting next tuesday the 18th. anyone is welcome and i hope you can make it out.

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