Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On "Indie Art" and the "Freedoms" provided by small businesses.

lifted from the upcoming "Sols From Strange Dislocales, number 9" zine...

1) Continually revisit constant impossibilities, hyper demanding scenarios of real heaven, don’t settle, the impossible is conceivable, the improbable, the idea. The dialectics of cloaked demands, enacted f’real.
2) We are forced by economics, society, the Spectacle, Leviathan, etc… into solitary confinement with the veil of “free choice”. Damned to reciprocate the same hollow gesture, the same meaningless un-nuanced corpse mouthed musings.

Or those that go against it end up brawling on the insides of a closed boxcar, never neutral on a moving train, but always fighting, never seeing the daylight of freedom, doors never opened.
Meanwhile, feigned charisma leads the pseudo-bohemia on their charted course, going from one divey-cheapskate small business gentrifying location to the next without thought, a herd of hip semi-talented sheep… Your city is ripe with young folks trained to be beholden to the vague glamour of indie-art and quaint small business, not un-talented, normally well meaning, yet something doesn’t quite fit… our needs for authentic culture are not being met in this scenario, we need to demand or create more. After all, every mega-mart was once an aspiring small business, every hollow pop-star a nobody. And the business owners, we “dance monkey dance” for them, give them so much cultural capital, but how many opportunites to speak our mind do these culture goons really want to give us before they tighten our leash, kick our precarious asses to the curb, same as any other authority or master.

Fuck them, break the chain, disrupt the idle cycle of “hip” and demand every whim.
Leave those with corpses still in their mouths to swallow them and choke.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

zine madness

i am happy to post that after a period of uncertainty that the knapp house (call it what you may, i'm not even sure what it's called anymore) is opening our doors every friday and saturday from 4pm-7pm to all fine and sundry who want to take a crack at the anti-authoritarian zine library. currently we are cataloging and working kinks out in the organization but all are welcome to give input in this process. even if you just want to hang out and see what's going on we implore you to come and poke around. as the project takes shape we will be announcing an official kick off celebration. stay tuned for there's much celebration to be had.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


hey, i would like to set up a few shows, and then have a gigantic show/ kick off party. i think we should plan out the asthetics of it all too you know, like patches buttons, music and whatever. dance party sounds wicked. start thinking of ideas if you think this sounds good. we should have a meeting soon, for reals. we have a handful of spots, and im sure we can find enough bands that sound good together, that are down with the ole m.a.
(mutual aid, suckers)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

for the win

its true that we may one day experience true community - true harmony in the realm of our social being, it could happen gradually, it may happen in baby steps. but it wont be the decision of thoes of us who prefer to run. we are held back with these infant legs because of thoes who wish to validate the herd of the stubborn and silent. a sudden rupture with this society is possible, we have all the right equiptment, we have the ability to improvise and get us through the song. we just dont have enough band mates. and its so hard to play with thoes who just refuse to feel the song, and are hellbent on playing only cover songs. this can be so boring when you want to make something new. thats not to say we should refuse to be influenced, its more about the mentality that we want to sprint toward our version of the future, we dont want to take baby steps and we definetly dont want to walk backwards.

yea so who gives a shit about business districts who pretend they can flourish, and can grow these hip "communities" who share nothing but the condition of being isolated, sold, and the illusion that business can set us free. *sigh* if we only pray harder to their god of money...

we do what we gotta do to survive, thats for sure (work), but we are done lying to ourselves. we cant pretend to like exploitation. it fuckin sucks. our version of "doing somthing about it" if far from validating the herd. its far from believing the myth that more of the same is good for us. fuck that shit. FTWorld

Saturday, September 11, 2010

zine mania

a belated thanks to everyone who came out to the paint party, those zine holders got it goin' on. i am in midsts of cataloging the collection and will start posting events up that are zine related on the calendar within the week.

-osama bin danny

Friday, September 10, 2010

a brief, friendly little psa

dear show-goers, band members, roadies, groupies, terminal moshers, etc. ---

please,please,please respect the space. whether it be an established venue, a basement, or some other neat space, it's super awesome to NOT fuck it up. spread the word.

thank you.


lauren ikon

Saturday, August 28, 2010


hey if you want to contribute, send me or lauren ikon your dang email adress so we can invite you. who-so-ever wants to be admin should speak up too. my email is laurens is

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lets kick this shit off!

allright im new to this whole blogging thing. but here we go. i see this blog being the online version of some sort of zine/events calender. so any updates, ideas, critisizms post them up people. i think this will only work if we all get involved. this progect is a dagger into the world of passitivity(sp), so lets do this shit!

mutha fucka


we are so tired of isolation. tired of finally getting some “free time” and either not know what to do with it or just so tired that we can’t do anything but rest. Then we wake up and go to work and only are able to daydream about “free time”. This world is suffocating us! we see the beginnings of a remedy residing on gentrified streets that the artists give birth to. But with bohemia shortly follows comodification, where small business sucks out art like an abortion. The magnetism of capital finds its own little way to exacerbate isolation and exploitation only more locally and green and hip and shit. we want to truly realize art, we are not content just staring at this graveyard of dead fetuses. we think the beginnings of a remedy lay in organizing ourselves in a way that benefits us rather than small business, because at one point all corporations were small businesses. There motives are the same. The “adolescent” small business is concerned with growth and profit at the expense of exploiting people, just the same as the “Adult” corporation. The difference is scale and efficiency.

So how about an artist/entertainment union of sorts? A self organized, autonomous group comprised of musicians, artists, organizers, shit disturbers, weirdoes, loners, lovers, fighters, who-the-fuck ever who seeks to take part in a cohesive music/entertainment scene that is open to everyone all of the time. This means putting on shows and events that are FREE. Utilizing spaces and times in which this is a possibility. This could include events at unusual times and spaces. We could utilize all of our combined creativity, intellect, and elbow grease to find ways to book shows, set up, clean up... in a word coordinate events and share the responsibility together, so as to alleviate the stressful obligation of doing this alone.


lets be clear that the motivation for this proposal is not nor will it ever be about profit! Though we can recognize and understand the reality of the economy and survival, and the implications of this on touring artists. Local Union Zero is in large part about our social needs. This is not to say we shouldn’t accept money when people are willing to pay, suggest a donation for touring artists or some type of benefit (no pressuring!!!), or demand pay if a venue is making money off of a large group of people that we brought in, but the focus of this is to have free shows so we can build an all inclusive community that isn’t divisive toward: class, sex, age, race or any other category that capitalism may try to divide us into. This is the beginnings of an attempt to realize our creative passions and human potential (as daunting and ambitious as that task may be); this is the beginnings of the remedy.

One more thing. This doesn’t have to end at free shows. If we are the ones setting the bar, then let’s set it to infinity. We are stronger when we are together. We hope that this project encourages new types of relationships, new conversations, ones that are able to shatter this world of isolation, and ones that are capable of building something beautiful. And if we are strong enough to assert what we want, why stop at free shows?