Wednesday, September 22, 2010

for the win

its true that we may one day experience true community - true harmony in the realm of our social being, it could happen gradually, it may happen in baby steps. but it wont be the decision of thoes of us who prefer to run. we are held back with these infant legs because of thoes who wish to validate the herd of the stubborn and silent. a sudden rupture with this society is possible, we have all the right equiptment, we have the ability to improvise and get us through the song. we just dont have enough band mates. and its so hard to play with thoes who just refuse to feel the song, and are hellbent on playing only cover songs. this can be so boring when you want to make something new. thats not to say we should refuse to be influenced, its more about the mentality that we want to sprint toward our version of the future, we dont want to take baby steps and we definetly dont want to walk backwards.

yea so who gives a shit about business districts who pretend they can flourish, and can grow these hip "communities" who share nothing but the condition of being isolated, sold, and the illusion that business can set us free. *sigh* if we only pray harder to their god of money...

we do what we gotta do to survive, thats for sure (work), but we are done lying to ourselves. we cant pretend to like exploitation. it fuckin sucks. our version of "doing somthing about it" if far from validating the herd. its far from believing the myth that more of the same is good for us. fuck that shit. FTWorld

Saturday, September 11, 2010

zine mania

a belated thanks to everyone who came out to the paint party, those zine holders got it goin' on. i am in midsts of cataloging the collection and will start posting events up that are zine related on the calendar within the week.

-osama bin danny

Friday, September 10, 2010

a brief, friendly little psa

dear show-goers, band members, roadies, groupies, terminal moshers, etc. ---

please,please,please respect the space. whether it be an established venue, a basement, or some other neat space, it's super awesome to NOT fuck it up. spread the word.

thank you.


lauren ikon