Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mutha fucka


we are so tired of isolation. tired of finally getting some “free time” and either not know what to do with it or just so tired that we can’t do anything but rest. Then we wake up and go to work and only are able to daydream about “free time”. This world is suffocating us! we see the beginnings of a remedy residing on gentrified streets that the artists give birth to. But with bohemia shortly follows comodification, where small business sucks out art like an abortion. The magnetism of capital finds its own little way to exacerbate isolation and exploitation only more locally and green and hip and shit. we want to truly realize art, we are not content just staring at this graveyard of dead fetuses. we think the beginnings of a remedy lay in organizing ourselves in a way that benefits us rather than small business, because at one point all corporations were small businesses. There motives are the same. The “adolescent” small business is concerned with growth and profit at the expense of exploiting people, just the same as the “Adult” corporation. The difference is scale and efficiency.

So how about an artist/entertainment union of sorts? A self organized, autonomous group comprised of musicians, artists, organizers, shit disturbers, weirdoes, loners, lovers, fighters, who-the-fuck ever who seeks to take part in a cohesive music/entertainment scene that is open to everyone all of the time. This means putting on shows and events that are FREE. Utilizing spaces and times in which this is a possibility. This could include events at unusual times and spaces. We could utilize all of our combined creativity, intellect, and elbow grease to find ways to book shows, set up, clean up... in a word coordinate events and share the responsibility together, so as to alleviate the stressful obligation of doing this alone.


lets be clear that the motivation for this proposal is not nor will it ever be about profit! Though we can recognize and understand the reality of the economy and survival, and the implications of this on touring artists. Local Union Zero is in large part about our social needs. This is not to say we shouldn’t accept money when people are willing to pay, suggest a donation for touring artists or some type of benefit (no pressuring!!!), or demand pay if a venue is making money off of a large group of people that we brought in, but the focus of this is to have free shows so we can build an all inclusive community that isn’t divisive toward: class, sex, age, race or any other category that capitalism may try to divide us into. This is the beginnings of an attempt to realize our creative passions and human potential (as daunting and ambitious as that task may be); this is the beginnings of the remedy.

One more thing. This doesn’t have to end at free shows. If we are the ones setting the bar, then let’s set it to infinity. We are stronger when we are together. We hope that this project encourages new types of relationships, new conversations, ones that are able to shatter this world of isolation, and ones that are capable of building something beautiful. And if we are strong enough to assert what we want, why stop at free shows?

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